The basketball evolution in the US

Basketball is one of the most popular sports disciplines. However, in the era of the birth of this sport, it differed from the option that is now familiar to mankind.
This discipline began to gain its modern form at the end of the 19th century when James Naismith formulated the first principles of the new game. This sport began to spread rapidly in educational institutions, first in the state of Massachusetts, where it comes from, and then throughout America.

The first match between professionals took place already in 1886, after which the game began to spread far beyond the borders of the US. After the end of World War II, basketball associations appeared, the most famous of which was the NBA, which was opened in 1946. It is interesting that Team KC Basketball was founded in 1956.

What events will be held during Prep Hoops?

The game is a mass game, largely due to the expanded basketball infrastructure in many countries of the world. In most countries, various children’s and youth competitions are organized, and in the States, for example, all Americans forget about the NBA games during the so-called “March Madness”. During this period, decisive knockout matches in the student league take place.
Team KC Basketball announces that in the next months there will be many cool Prep Hoops, among which are #GRINDSZN Kickoff (Oklahoma), Spring Classic (Denver), Jayhawk Invitational (Olathe), Midwest Grind Session (Wichita) Prep Hoops, etc.

What is interesting about KC Hoops?

The top talents are sometimes recruited by US universities at the tender age of 14 or 15, and from the third year of high school, the college coaches are allowed to contact them by phone. However, a distinction must be made between those phases in which only written and telephone contact is permitted and those in which personal meetings on and off campus are also initiated. For example, during the Kansas City Youth Basketball Prep Hoops, even younger players can give the university of their choice a non-binding commitment (“verbal commitment”), whereas they can only sign the written – and thus binding – “National Letter of Intent” during the senior season. This is possible during two official “signing periods” in mid-November and mid-April to mid-May.