The role of basketball in the USA

The Kansas City Basketball Team is a well-known and old American sport leader. This discipline, being a valuable means of sports education for youth in many countries, is gradually becoming a quite famous and widespread discipline.
The US is a very athletic country. The most eloquent evidence of this is the brilliant performance of American athletes at the Olympics, both summer and winter, where they are getting the greatest number of medals.

Lessons of Kansas City sport leaders are aimed at all-around body structure advancement and develop physical and moral-volitional qualities of athletes and skills necessary in labor and combat activities – speed, endurance, agility, courage, orientation, etc.
The constant presence of players and the subordination of their personal interests to the interests of the team contributes to the development of a sense of camaraderie and internal discipline.

KC Strategy for basketball players

KC Team looks for well-trained, motivated athletes that are ready to work hard. One basketball match requires the player to run about four kilometers and make over 150 accelerations over a distance of 5 to 20 meters, perform about 100 jumps in the face of active opposition from competitors.

This discipline is becoming more and more contact power game. About 70% of all movements are of a speed-strength nature. This requires the Kansas City players, especially the center majors, special physical workouts. Athletes should work on strength training 3 times a week from 1 to 1.5 hours. There are few people who are naturally strong; they become strong by performing special exercises. They must show their power qualities in the shortest period of time. In this sport, these are jerks, jumps, quick passes, shield fights, counterattacks.

Who is the KC Basketball Team club looking for?

The Kansas City Basketball Team club is looking for an opportunity to strengthen its position in the standings with some new players.
When selecting people for the squad, trainers of the Kansas City Team pay increased attention to athletes who are accelerators, well-motivated and have enough endurance. Therefore, Kansas City hopes to find only the best ones.